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There have been many projects where I either wasn't the lead UX designer or a request for a fictitious UI comes through for sales purposes. Here are a few of these projects. The first set is a next generation in-dash automotive UI. Think Tesla console. The objective here was to showcase how TiVo's metadata and personalization engines could provide a cutting-edge experience in the automotive field. The second set was a similar, only this time with an 8-hour turn around. In an attempt to partner with WV on their rear seat entertainment system, we wanted to pitch a customized version our stream guide (which I am also currently leading the ux) in a tablet format. VW is providing their passengers with a no-limits wifi connection. This allows for a complimentary entertainment system that doesn't have to hold back. That's the vision for this quick turn around UI. The third set of screens was a full 6-degrees 10-foot discovery experience for Know How Movies. This was a smart TV product that needed to be rebranded from a realistic-looking 3D-infused UI to a modern, flat UI that matches Know How Movie's branding. It's hard not to have fun with slick branding like this and in 2012, it was definitely ahead of its time.