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Marketing and metadata reached out to me to create a streaming music UI proof of concept. The goal was to showcase the depth and value of our music metadata. Over the course of one month, I conceived and designed over 20 screens that not only featured an alluring UI for the user, but a back-end UI as well. This showed potential customers that not only was this immense amount of data at their finger-tips, but that they could manage it with ease.

In mid-2016 I was approached by our metadata and marketing teams to help them pitch their music data to potential business customers. They had already hashed out the stories that they would walk through and had a good idea of what they needed each step of the way. I received a well-organized list of individual screens including content to be featured on each one. This amount of organization allowed me more time to focus on the quality and usability of the designs I'd be working on, rather than mining the internet for content.

With a four-week deadline, I was able to start by assembling some moderately detailed wireframes. This step took me about two weeks since I had two other priority projects at the time. My metadata contact was on the ball and provided me with some great feedback and praise from his department. Having a certain level of fidelity to the wireframes allowed me to basically 'color by number' and apply a visual design that directly correlated with the layout specified in the wireframes. With only two quick rounds of changes, I was able to deliver the final product on time. The sales and marketing people were thrilled to have such an attractive set of images to showcase the capabilities of our metadata. These results and acquired trust lead to many future projects with their departments.