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I was approached by our marketing and metadata teams to help them create stories, a UI and a basic prototype that displays the depth and desirability of our sports metadata.

This proof of concept and basic demo was an urgent turnaround request. I worked with the marketing lead to create stories and flows to demonstrate the value of this data to the end user and revenue opportunities for our B2B customers. The sales team would be presenting this demo to potential customers at an international trade show.

Visually, I had to follow the overall feel of our flagship product, created by another department. But it had to be different enough that customers wouldn't expect these features to already exist in said product. There was no time for basic wireframes with this project, so I hit the ground running by creating visual designs that had a similar feel to our main product. During which a lot of effort was put into mining content from various online sources to populate the demo with real, verifiable sports data.

The user stories we developed were simple enough to execute in a handful of interactions. This made design creations and prototyping pretty straightforward. The user needed to see how real-time stats are delivered via TV or mobile companion devices.

With a total of 17 screens, I started building the demo/prototype in Axure RP to work on an iPad. After a few days I delivered the interactive prototype. Due to the focused functionality of such a demo, I created a brief instruction manual for the marketing & sales folks. This took the guesswork out of navigating the stories for potential customers the next day.