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Back in 2012 our sales and marketing team called on our department to create a faux website that featured how their data and complex recommendations engine could be used. The concept was basically 'everything entertainment'. While it was called 'Entertainment News', it was designed to be a hub for all thing entertainment, including news, tv, movies, music, etc. The UI was shared with prospective customers as a compelling example of how they might be able to leverage our metadata and recommendation services.

This request came to me as a list of a dozen specific screens that were needed. Looking at the big picture of these specifics, a few of them could be eloquently combined into a unified layout. I started brainstorming on a design direction by looking at other entertainment news websites. After a few initial designs, I had one that I was happy with and color palette that has stood the test of time. It was simple, clean and delightful.

Due to the quick turnaround of the request, I had to create some really basic wireframes. This was essential as I was working with another designer on our team to knock things out in short order. I provided the design direction, layout specs and content. With these basics in place, it was basically coloring-by-number and ensuring high quality designs with close attention to detail. The final designs were clean, effective and garnered praise from potential customers and the sales team.