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I was approached by our marketing and metadata teams to help them create stories and a corresponding UI that marries short form web content to related tv and movies.

This proof of concept and basic demo was a quick turnaround request. I worked with the marketing lead to create stories and flows to demonstrate the value of this data to the end user and revenue opportunities for our B2B customers. We came up with 3 short stories to address the breadth of the cross-content integration. The sales team would be presenting this demo to potential customers at an international trade show.

There was no time for basic wireframes, so I started designing a barebones, white-label UI. This would give the marketing folks something to chew on as I moved forward, mining content from various online sources to populate the demo.

After a round or two of initial feedback, I was asked to show more/larger imagery and use less text. Which, in a real-life product would've been problematic and leave the user wanting to access fundamental bits hidden data, but this was a demo and needed to grab attention quickly. To help with this, I settled on a darker design direction to help the imagery 'pop' more.

With a total of 14 screens I started building the demo/prototype in Axure RP to work on an iPhone 6-size screen. Axure RP made these stories come to life with ease, even integrating playable web content. Due to the limited functionality of such a demo, I created a brief instruction manualfor the marketing & sales folks. This way, they knew where to touch and could basically understand the limitations they'd be working within during a pitch.