My name is Phil Golyshko and I’ve been doing graphic design since before I knew it was a thing. I’ve gone from making Geocities fan-pages on a 28K dial-up modem to designing next generation mobile interfaces and being granted four patents for my innovative ideas. I’m primarily a UX designer with a firm grasp on best practices and a user-centric focus. I’m skilled at big-picture flow diagrams, detailed wireframes, visual design, prototyping and testing. I’m an expert at Photoshop & Illustrator and I’m quickly mastering Sketch and Axure RP.

I grew up south of Chicago and after getting married, moved to the Bay Area for work. That office ending up closing, but I stayed with the company. After several years of moving around California, working remotely, playing in bands and exploring the coast, we settled down in the Denver area. I’m a new dad as of April 2019 and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

My resumé

p: 815.260.2727